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What It Iz

    100% handcrafted goodies and everyday essentials guaranteed to last years to come, so long as they can be taken care of.
    The articles I produce are primarily made of leather, which is a natural product. So mind that each product will slightly vary in look from one to another due to the natural process in which leather is created.
    Made with nothing but the best of supplies and materials consisting of a variety of different vegetable tanned, oil tanned, and other chromium tanned leathers. From beautiful, tough, and sought after full grain leather, to premium suede splits.
    Each and every item is constructed with the highest of quality in hardware which primarily consists of solid brass, though some hardware will be made of or contain; solid iron, stainless steel, and other steel alloys. Product descriptions will signify the make. Along side the finest and strongest of bonded nylon and polyester threads.
    All set and sewn by hand, as well with the help of a couple of industrial leather sewing machines.
    Every piece meticulously made one at a time with an intensely focused passion and obsession to ensure one of kind products that don't only look like something you would absolutely love to own, but are also equally functional and will stand up to the tests of everyday use.
    Made to order and as well in small batches. Designed and created by a real live Injun from the USA, in the USA.