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    I am the artist by the name of Johnny Cade, owner, operator, designer, photographer, videographer, sales and marketing manager, shipper and handler, etc etc.. Not too sure if some of those are even a title, or even what my title would be.. 100% DIY. That’s me.
    Hailing all the way from the last frontier, I am an Alaskan Native from the village of Hydaburg, AK who has been living all throughout the greater area of Seattle, WA since 2010. I spent the vast majority of my beginning years in the woods and on the water hunting, fishing, and foraging, living and sustaining off of the land and it’s countless blessings. Coming from a family of Commercial Fishermen, I started working the back deck at the tender young age of 11 years old. And nearly two decades later, commercial fishing is still a major part of my being. Funny as it may sound, throughout all of my years on the water, it is probably where I’ve drawn the majority of my inspiration from.
    When you are essentially cast out into the middle of nowhere, and confined to tight quarters for extended periods of time, your mind cannot help but wander into some of the strangest trains of thought you’ve ever had. Day dreaming up some of the most random as well deep thoughts you could  ever possibly conceive. Most of which, you would have very likely never thought up if it weren’t for the circumstances. On top of social, sleep, and societal deprivation, you CONSTANTLY have to be on point. Mentally, physically, and emotionally. You have to be able think quickly, improvise, and react correctly. Failure to do so can not only put your livelihood at risk, but your life as well.
    As far as my life goes outside of fishing, I have always been surrounded by people who create and creative minds in general. My grandfather was a Tsimshian Master Carver and artist. We learned how to draw formline designs and sew regalia in Haida Art class. I got to learned welding, knife smithing, metal lathe machining, and other various skills in my metal shop class in Hydaburg throughout Jr. High & High School. Most of my friends and family are creators, innovators, or visionaries in one form or another. Whether they be tattooers, graffiti writers, graphic designers, clothing designers, photographers, videographers, writers, painters, native artists, welders, lyricists, beat makers, sculptors, so on and so forth. These are the people and types of people I’ve always been attracted to, looked up to, and found myself spending the most time with. I’m extremely fortunate to be able to say that I’ve learned a little from each and every one of one of them, and still do to this day.
    Seeing as how life is full of so many masters of various arts and/or crafts, I never really claim to know anything. Sure, there are things that I know how to do, and some things that I know how to do well. I simply see myself as more of a student then a teacher. I am eternally grateful to have so many people to look to, and my only hope is to be able to reciprocate that same love, inspiration , and knowledge that’s been shown to me on a daily basis.
    Aside all else, I really enjoy a handful of things, from going to the movies, riding dirt bikes or four wheelers, being on the water, riding bikes, hunting, hiking, hanging out in abandoned and dilapidated structures, climbing stuff, eating.. Pretty typical activities, but I think in general, my favorite pastime is just to relax.
    Well, I think that about sums it up. If you’ve got any questions please feel free to contact me. Again, thanks for checking me out. I truly appreciate the love and support a lot more then I could ever express.

Again And Again.