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“How do I take care of and maintain my products?”

Leather is a natural material in which can be damaged or ruined if not taken care of properly, yet given the proper treatment and handling, it can last a lifetime. I work with a variety of leathers in which product description will be noted what type it is. Vegtan leather is leather created by using different tree bark and or vegetable materials in the tannins and is the oldest and most natural way of processing leather, meaning there are no oils or chemicals added to the leather. This can make the piece prone to water or stain damage however, there are ways to protect your piece. I suggest treating your piece with liquid mink oil, neets foot oil, or any kind of bees wax infused leather balms. I treat every vegtan piece with mink and neets foot oil upon completion which darkens up the leather, conditions it, and give a bit of water resistance. Other leathers I use like oiltan leather is already pretreated at the tannery direct with different oils and chemicals to give the leather different affects, colors, and characteristics, like water or stain resistance however, these pieces also need to be handled with care and should be conditioned as well every 6 or so months or as needed with either liquid mink oil, or neets foot oil.

“When will I receive my purchase?”

Right now, everything is made to order in which the lead times for receiving an order you’ve made are roughly about 2 weeks out from the initial purchase. This can vary slightly at times depending on current productions and preexisting orders ahead of yours. Sometimes it's faster, sometimes it can take a bit longer. I'm a one man gang, I make everything myself by hand and have to accommodate everyone and everything else that goes into running the business on my own, so I truly appreciate your patience, understanding and support. I always try to be timely and work as quickly as possible without compromising product quality.

“Will I get a tracking number with my order?”

I will provide a tracking number upon shipment if you leave me a notation upon your check out stating that you would like one, otherwise I will not automatically send a tracking number.

“Do you take custom orders?”

Yes, I do take custom orders however, it can be difficult for me to determine exact pricing when making a custom order until the project is complete. The best I can do is an estimate and sometimes can be more or less expensive then expected. Custom orders can also take a bit longer because they may require some experimentation and for a product to be produced a handful of times before functioning how it needs to.

“Can I order this in a different color?”

Yes and no, more often then not you can request a certain color leather or thread BUT, some leathers in certain colors made through certain tanning processes will only work for some projects, not all. For instance, a certain color bag I may make in a specific color will work for a bag, but is not the right type of leather to make say a wallet or belt out of. Certain projects need a certain type of leather. So, say you see I have made a red oiltan bag, and you ask for a wallet of the same color. I will NOT be able to produce a wallet using the same leather because of the specific characteristics of that leather. However, I may be able to use a different leather colored red, or even dye leather that will work for the project. But it will NOT look the same.

“How long after you receive my payment does it take you to start working on my order?”

I work on orders on a first paid first served basis however, I often work on multiple orders at a time so that I can keep up and produce at a pace to stay on track and remain timely. That being said, as soon as I receive payment, I immediately start planing out when and where your order will fit in schedule alongside existing orders. Basically, it depends on how busy I currently am.